Cars Love Texaco with Techron®

Cars love the clean feeling the Techron additive gives them. It helps keep their critical engine parts - like intake valves, fuel injectors and combustion chambers - clean. And cleaner engines can have lower emissions, increased performance and even maximized fuel economy. So go on, give your car what it loves.

Top Tier Detergent Gasoline

All gasoline is not created equal. That's why in 2004 BMW, GM, Honda and Toyota established the Top Tier program. It's a quality standard that defines detergency levels in gasoline higher than those currently set by the EPA; a standard that Chevron gasolines with Techron were the first designated to meet out of all U.S. gasoline retailers.

In fact, unlike some other gasoline retailers who actually had to change their formulation, Chevron did not have to change its Techron formulation to meet the Top Tier standard. Top Tier designated gasolines like Chevron with Techron keep vital engine parts cleaner than lower quality fuel by reducing harmful deposits, resulting in better performance and lower emissions.

Lower Emissions


Modern engines are designed to run their best when vital engine parts are kept clean. Fuel injector and intake valve deposits from lower quality gasolines can result in lower fuel economy and increased emissions of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. Excessive buildup of harmful deposits in the combustion chamber can give rise to higher emissions of nitrogen oxides, and can cause an engine to require a higher octane fuel to avoid knocking.

Chevron gasolines with their nitrogen-enriched Techron additive contain polyether amine (PEA) chemistry to help keep vital engine parts cleaner than lower quality competitors, helping reduce the amount of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides released into the atmosphere. It all adds up to a cleaner and happier car.

Higher Performance


Excessive deposits on valves from lower quality gasolines can restrict the amount of air and fuel your engine requires for optimal performance. This can cause hesitation, stumbling, lower fuel economy and reduced power under certain driving conditions, especially under heavy acceleration when you need power the most.

Texaco gasolines with their nitrogen-enriched Techron additive contain polyether amine (PEA) chemistry to help protect your engine's valves and combustion chambers from harmful buildup, improve driveability and help maintain your car's original engine performance and fuel economy.

Cleaner Engine


Is your car as clean on the inside as the outside? If you've been using lower quality gasoline, it's dirtier than you think.

While lower quality gasolines can dirty up your engine, Chevron with its nitrogen-enriched Techron additive uses polyether amine (PEA) chemistry to help clean up your engine. With over 25 years of lab and field-tested research and development, Texaco with Techron is unsurpassed at cleaning and protecting vital engine parts.

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